Founded in February of 2022, Crosstalk Media is was formed primarily to manage the 1UpState game developer conference in NY's Tech Valley Region. Founded by Anthony Rossi, host of the podcast Videogame Crosstalk, this new LLC will serve as the umbrella under which the podcast will be more formally managed as well as 1UpState, along with any future endeavors related to creative work and event organization.

Current Brands and Services


1UpState: A Celebration of Games and the People Who Make Them is set to be a first of it's kind Game Developer Conference in NY's Tech Valley Region. Tentatively scheduled for Q3 2023, it will be an event that shines the spotlight on the current game development cluster that is thriving in the area. Currently partnering with various organizations, such as the Tech Valley Game Space, Grifkuba Game Services, Discover Albany, and ACE: The Upstate Alliance for the Creative Economy, it is the goal of the team at large to host an event that will send a ripple though the state's economy and put on display the rich artistic and technical capabilities of the local area.

Videogame Crosstalk

Videogame Crosstalk started as, "The monthly podcast of gamers talking tech, science, and whatever else comes to mind!". Unfortunately, episodes have slowed at the current time as other life priorities have taken place with the birth of two children and efforts and resources have been redirected to support the 1UpState Game Dev Conference. During this time, effort has gone into creating YouTube videos as a way to continue to create content, mostly videos discussing the lore and universe of Destiny 2. More podcast episodes will be returning, just as soon as other endeavors settle down!

Aspiring Voice Actor

Emphasis on Aspiring, I am putting my informally trained vocal talents to work. Currently the president of my Toastmasters club, I have decided to start trying my hand (er, throat?) at some character voices to see where that takes me. Aside from the included video, I have also leant my voice to the Destiny Lore Audiophile podcast on occasion. I have also provided the narration for several videos for Game Insider Magazine and for my own lore discussion for the game Destiny 2 on my VGXT channel.